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ETR has extensive experience in project management and implementation of customized solutions for customer needs,
ETR provides a wide range of consulting services in order to assist shipyards on all phases of construction: design, construction, review and delivery. SHELTER’s consultants have over 30 years of experience in the Navy constantly working with ship repair and assisting shipyards in shipbuilding projects.

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The company’s new focus is already yielding impressive results, with an increasing order portfolio and satisfying reactions from the clients. We are now able to create new and better ways to serve our customers and enhance the quality, safety and environmental care of our work.

If you have any question about Etr Shipyard or how we can support your business, please contact us directly by selecting from one of the below categories that is the most relevant to your inquiry and fill our short feedback form.

Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy our customer everywhere.

Voyage Repairs:our company has the ability to mobilize “flying squads”, which will come on board with their mobile workshop for the steel, welding, piping or mechanical work required.

Our shipyard measuring 120 meter length x 60 meter width is capable of lifting and accommodating vessel of maximum 5,000 T. displacement. The maximum breadth of vessel we can accommodate is 15 meter with maximum drafts not exceeding 5.0 meter.

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